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They Were FORCED To Work From Home

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RSS 20 November 2018
Every Friday at 11:39am my alarm clock goes off and I say to myself “Time to get up already? Ok, another 10 minutes!”

Its the life of a self employed freelancer...that's for sure, but what about workers who are not self employed and are not freelancers?

Well, Shropshire Council made the bizarre move of FORCING their workers to work from home on a Friday.

These employees didn't have a say in the matter. If they didn't obey, then they would have been given their marching orders.

Why did Shropshire Council do this? Because they are broke...that's why.

Yes you read that right. It seems they just can't organise their finances, despite hitting up the tax payer with more tax year upon year.

And now it is the innocent council workers who must suffer...or will they? Not if they take a leaf out of the Freelance Supermarket Rule book.

Rule Number 1 is to get up as close to lunchtime as possible. Don't worry, the day is still young, and you can do a bit of work after lunch and a bit of TV.

Rule Number 2 is don't bother changing out of your pyjamas Remember, you are working from home now, which means suits and ties are out and sleepwear is in. You can even lounge around in your pants. Why not? Nobody is going to see you unless you want them to.

Rule Number 3 is watch the Jeremy Kyle show before you do any work. Some say Friday is the best day to watch Mr Kyle and his own unique brand of entertainment. So sit back, relax, and put your feet up and watch the drama unfold.

Rule Number 4 is to do a bit of work. Don't worry about what your boss thinks. Is he or she there watching over your shoulder? No, they are not. So work at your own pace and in your own time. You are a home worker now, even if its only 1 day of the week.

Rule Number 5 is to visit Freelance Supermarket a least once a week. Twice would be better, but once is enough because then you will never miss one of our new blog posts.

Just like this blog post you are reading right now...all of our posts are filled with news, views, and the latest info-tainment about everything going off in the freelance and work from home world.

You might even decide that home working is the lifestyle for you, and then quit your job with Shropshire Council and start working for yourself as a freelance professional.

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