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Make Freelancing Great Again (#MFGA)

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RSS 13 November 2018
Did you know there are around 60 million freelance professionals in the country of USA? That is a lot of freelancers.

Some of these 60 million even read Freelance Supermarket on a weekly basis. They like us from Connecticut to California. From Montana to New Mexico. We are always on the laptops and tablets of Americans.

So that is 60 million freelance workers in the United States of America, and guess what? 72% of those freelancers have identified themselves as political.

Not only that, but some political experts have made the bold statement that most American freelance professionals are NOT Republican or Democrat. They are somewhere in between, and more likely "to cross party lines to vote for candidates who support freelancer interests."

So in 2 years time...in the year 2020...it will be election time again, where millions of Americans will go to the voting booths yet again to vote in their president. Will they vote in "The Donald" for another 4 years, or will it be a democrat. Maybe Hilary will run again or maybe even Oprah? Who knows for sure.

What I do know is the candidate who talks to the self interest of American freelancers will have the best chance of being elected.

For example, if President Trump starts wearing his MFGA hat and coming up with slogans such as "Make Them Pay" (talking about late paying clients) then I think we can safely assume that Trump 2020 is all but a done deal.

#MFGA is what millions will be tweeting on Twitter.

However, if the democrats get their act together and actually start talking about issues which average freelancers actually care about...then it may be very close indeed. Who knows for sure how this thing will play out? Let's wait until 2020 to find out.

What I do know is Freelance Supermarket will still be the place to be, for work from home freelancers in 2020.

We very nearly got voted the best freelance website in 2018. Some say we are a sure bet for 2019, and definitely for 2020 if 2019 doesn't work out.

"Hey whatever," is my response. It isn't like I am sitting by the phone, day after day, and waiting for a call from CIF to get my award. I'm cool and just going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

Although there is no doubt who is number 1 in the minds of the ordinary freelancer on the street. The average man and woman who works from home knows which is the best freelance website.

"Freelance Supermarket," they would say if interviewed in the street.

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