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Insurance for Freelancers – The Facts

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RSS 16 October 2018
I was sitting at my desk here at Freelance Supermarket HQ this morning when I got a phone call. “Hello,” I said.

"Hello, would you like insurance for freelancers?" the person said. "No I'm okay thanks," and with those words I put the phone down.

I was just about to switch on the TV and watch Jeremy Kyle when it got me thinking...do we need insurance for freelancers here at Freelance Supermarket.

I am a freelancer after all and people regularly call us "the best freelance website in the UK." Perhaps I should look more closely at this freelance insurance thing and make an informed choice about what we do and what we don't need.

If you are a freelancer, then you might be wondering the same thing.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

One type of insurance for freelancers is called Professional Indemnity Insurance and it basically protects you in case you get sued.

You could get sued for thousands, or even millions of pounds, and if you don't have this type of insurance then your only other option would be to leave the country and change your name. Only joking.

Income Protection Insurance

What would you do, if through no fault of your own, you were not able to work on your freelance business on a day to day business. If you suffered a loss of income as a result, then seriously...what would you do? The mortgage, food bill, and television license doesn't pay itself.

That is why Income protection Insurance for freelancers is something you should consider looking into. Just make sure you read the small print and understand exactly what you are signing up for.

Public Liability Insurance

If you come into contact with other people on a regular basis then Public Liability Insurance is a must. When clients come to your office or customers enter your shop, then there is always a risk something bad will happen, and if it does, you are responsible.

Here at Freelance Supermarket we don't see many people on a day to day basis. A postie in shorts, yes...but if he tries to sue us I will drop more water bombs on his head. Watch out postie, you don't want to go to war with Freelance Supermarket!

Office Insurance

If you have a home office with lots of expensive equipment then Office Insurance for freelancers is definitely something worth considering.

Here at Freelance Supermarket HQ we don't have much expensive equipment. Our trusty laptop was made before the internet I think and the workstation (sofa) was found for free many years ago.

So no Office Insurance for us...although you might have a different opinion about your own situation. Only you can decide what is the best freelance insurance for you and your needs.

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