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When Asked, 47% of Freelancers Said They Want More Security

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RSS 08 September 2017
The Qdos Group went in search of UK freelancers recently, armed with questions about the freelance lifestyle and looking for answers.

Almost half of those who took part in the survey mentioned that a "lack of security" in regards to freelance jobs was an issue, to the point where many would consider going back into traditional employment.

Do you know what? This statistic from the Qdos Group and their research does surprise me, because although less security is part and parcel of being a freelancer, I would have thought that most freelance professionals would have been more stoic about the situation.

It's a small price to pay for the freedom and control you get from working for yourself in my opinion. So grin and bear it if you must, but don't complain.

The survey also highlighted the fact that many freelancers have trouble with the tax system, with many commenting that things such as IR35 reforms and the snatching away of the NI employment allowance were "challenging."

It was also said that indecision on the governments part was frustrating, with their so called "quarterly tax plans" falling though and the incompetence around the whole "tax free dividend allowance" situation.

If there is one piece of advice I could give to anyone reading this it would be...hire a freelance accountant, someone who is good and knows what they are doing. Yes the tax system can be bizarre and frustrating, but at least you can clear up a bit of that confusion if you have a professional on your side.

Other results from the survey include the fact that 5% of freelancers have trouble with feeling isolated when working on their own and from home, while 10% said they struggled to separate work life from their home life.

Yes it can be difficult, but one solution is to have a dedicated place in your house to work from, or even rent office space in your local town or city.

The one thing Qdos Group want to come from this survey is for the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, to stand up and take notice when he delivers the Autumn Budget this year.

In other words, we are all hoping to hear him dedicate a significant portion of his speech to the issues surround freelance professionals in 2017, and to also come up with some solutions.

Who knows sure if this will happen though? Philip Hammond is not known for being generous towards freelancers and self employed people in general, and according to some experts, if the Chancellor had his way then life would get more difficult for freelance workers, not easier.

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