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Apple Want Pyjama Wearing Freelance Home Workers...NOW!

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RSS 01 September 2017
I've reported about Apple hiring freelance home workers before, that was to do with Apple Maps. Now they want customer service staff, pyjamas required.

Just a couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Disney are hiring freelancers to dress up as Donald Duck and speak with customers on the couch.

Well, Apple are now doing the same thing, but instead of saying "quack quack" you could be saying "is it time to go back to bed yet?" The reason? Because although Apple are looking for customer service staff who will advise and support Apple customers on a range of different issues, many pundits are predicting that you could do this kind of job..."in your pyjamas!"

I agree. Do Apple really care if you are speaking with customers on the phone while still in your PJ's? Not in my opinion.

As long as you get the job done and offer excellent customer service then you don't even need to get out of bed.

There are 60 freelance jobs up for grabs with Apple right now, although if you ask me this is just the start of the work from home revolution when it comes to these big international companies.

Pretty soon they are going to be hiring even more home workers, and then more, and then more...until we get to a point where a significant percentage of their workforce are going to be self employed, freelance, and chilling in their pyjamas. No suit and tie or commuting required.

"From your own home, you'll be [people's] human connection to Apple: friendly, thoughtful, and real," the freelance job advert for Apple recently stated They went on to add that "you'll answer questions about our products and services, enriching customers lives by helping the wonder they've come to expect from Apple."

It doesn't mention anything about changing out of your pyjamas, so we can safely assume pyjamas or any kind of nightwear gets the thumbs up from Apple.

The freelance job listing did go on to mention that you will need a quiet work space (what better place than your bed or couch?), a high speed internet connection (most people have got this), and an ergonomic chair (as long as it is comfortable, it's all good).

Interestingly, if successful and you get hired by Apple, then they send you an iMac and headset so you are able to get started with the job.

You do need a bit of experience though, most notably 2 years of technical troubleshooting, with computers no doubt, so make sure you know your way around Apple products before sending off an application.

This would be a perfect work from home job for Apple enthusiasts in my opinion, because not only do you get to talk about iMacs, iPads and iPhones all day, but you also have the benefit of discounts on a range of Apple products...and you don't even have to change out of your pyjamas The perfect freelance opportunity many would say.

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