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Too Hot To Work? Give Freelance a Try

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RSS 27 June 2017
The UK has seen temperatures go above 30 degrees during the month of June, and some predict similar heatwaves during July and August.

Which brings us to the question...when is it too hot to work, and when are you legally allowed to go home when the heat gets too much? It's important that you know your rights.

One Union has gone on record to say that when the temperature reaches 30 degrees for an extended period of time, then workers should be allowed to leave the office and go back to the comfort of their home, where they can put on a fan and relax in their front room with a cold drink no doubt.

If this did happen, then it would give millions of people a glimpse into the so called "freelance lifestyle," where working from home is a reality and it isn't all about sweating away in an office or factory.

As we speak, there isn't currently any kind of maximum temperature where your boss would have to send you home. The Health and Safety Executive, or HSE for short, have thought about it in the past, but so far have yet to get set any rules that employers must follow.

However, it is generally considered that employers have a moral duty to keep workplaces "reasonable" during heatwaves in the UK, which they can do by installing air conditioning, using fans, giving extra breaks, and encouraging to staff to wear clothes such as shorts instead of the usual office suit.

Also, if you are working in the heat and start to feel uncomfortable then you should tell your boss immediately. They have to act if enough people complain, and who knows, they might just give in and send everyone home so you can put your feet up and experience a day in the life of a freelancer.

Don't get me wrong, being a freelancer isn't all about sitting in front of a fan all day in your underpants, although that can be part of it.

Most freelancers who work from home do put in a lot of hours, and remember, they don't have the security of a regular pay cheque from a traditional employer, so make sure you keep that in mind before quitting your job.

It is possible to find success and quit your job, it's just that it takes a bit of time and effort on your part. So be prepared to put in the hours.

If you do become successful as a freelance professional then you might just be able to take it a bit easier when the temperatures start to get around 30 degrees and above, which most people would find very nice indeed.

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