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Freelance Professional or Gig Worker? Apple Wants to Pay You

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RSS 05 June 2017
One of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, are in the market for freelance professionals and gig workers, and you could get up to 20 hours a week.

This all has to do with Apple Maps, which right now is vastly inferior to Google Maps. However, it seems that Apple want to do something about this and that is why they have started to look for freelancers.

So what exactly is on offer? According to my sources, Apple are using a micropayment platform where they pay 54 cents per task. This includes small tasks such as validating the accuracy of information on the maps.

Now you might be thinking that 54 cents doesn't sound like a lot of cash, but when you consider it only takes a few minutes to complete each task then it might be worth giving it go if you want some quick and easy freelance work.

According to the small print, each freelance professional and gig worker is only allowed to complete 600 tasks per week, and to work no more than 20 hours a week. Who knows though, if you are very accurate when it comes to supplying information for Apple Maps, then you might just get a bit of extra work.

One thing you should be aware of is that Apple have produced a 200 page book entitled "Maps Search Evaluation Guidelines," which every freelancer is expected to read. I'm sure many people will have a quick flick through, but I can't imagine it is very interesting reading.

I think many of the tasks are going to be pretty straight forward anyway, and it is really just about verifying that something is at a particular location. So for example, if a McDonalds is at a certain address, then a gig worker will check that.

How exactly? I guess the easiest way is to use Google Maps, although I'm sure that Apple have a different method. You will have to refer to the "Maps Search Evaluation Guidelines" for further clarification.

The main reason why Apple are suddenly so interested in getting their maps up-to-date is because Google make a lot of money from their Maps.

For example, a place of business can now pay money for a premium listing within Google Maps so they can be found easier, and with many people using their smartphones and tablets to search maps on a regular basis it makes sense that Apple want to get in on the action.

People who have iPhones and iPads want to be able to find points of interests on Apple Maps, and it is freelance professionals and gig workers who are making it happen.

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