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IT Contractors Say “YES” to Brexit

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RSS 03 April 2017
According to a new study, IT contractors are currently benefiting from the Brexit vote, with many professionals getting more hours and higher pay.

This is in contrast to the normal doom and gloom about Brexit we have been reading about in the papers. Could it be that contractors and freelancers are going to profit from the UK leaving the European Union? It certainly looks that way.

The study, which was compiled by a respected accountancy company, reported that since the Brexit vote, skilled IT professionals are now more in demand than ever before, with pay rates becoming more generous and the length of contracts "very pleasing" if you are looking for extended work.

So what is the reason for this sudden welcoming of IT contractors? Should they not be suffering just like everyone else because of Brexit and the UK's soon to be isolation from the rest of Europe? Actually, it appears that Brexit could be working in the favour of contractors and freelancers, mainly because many employers are now hesitant about hiring traditional employees.

Experts are predicting that our economy will experience some challenging times over the next few years as we come out of Europe completely, and because of that, many companies are reluctant to hire full time workers.

Instead, they look towards contractors and freelancers to fill those short term skill gaps, safe in the knowledge they are flexible and can be counted on at any time.

The best part is that these companies are willing to pay for the privilege of getting IT contractors, with some people reporting they are now earning twice as much as before the Brexit vote.

Nearly 30% of those surveyed for the study mentioned they are now earning more in this post Brexit world than before...with almost 20% saying they saw an instant boost to their earnings potential immediately after the Brexit vote last June.

It really does seem that uncertain times have led to many IT contractors and freelancers profiting, and who can blame them if they decide to cash in? Not me.

This is also reflected in how many IT contractors now feel about Brexit, with 40% admitting they didn't like the idea of going out of the European Union when it was announced last year, but half those people have now changed their mind, with only 20% saying they believed it to be wrong.

In other words, many of the IT contractors and freelancers in this country are now saying "YES" to Brexit, and are looking forward to a future of good pay and opportunities.

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