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Freelance Client Testimonials are Important say Experts

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RSS 24 March 2017
Ever wondered why you just can't seem to get new clients, even though you produce good work? The reason could be lack of testimonials say experts.

It doesn't matter if you are a freelance writer, designer, consultant, journalist...the simple fact of the matter is that if you don't have any testimonials (or if you only have a few) then potentials clients will hesitate to hire you, and most probably hire someone else.

Right now, the freelance marketplace is becoming more competitive than ever before, which means clients have more options. If you don't have testimonials that vouch for your service, then expect to fall at the first hurdle.

So why don't a lot of freelancers get more testimonials? The simple reason is they often don't know how, and sometimes they don't want to bother current clients to "say a few words" about me.

One expert claims that there can be a sense of awkwardness about asking someone for a testimonial.

Many third party freelance sites often have a rating system in place, where clients are automatically encouraged to write a few words after you've completed a job for them, but what about getting testimonials by yourself? Below are some ideas to try...

Do a survey

One of the easiest ways to get freelance client testimonials is to do a survey after you have completed a project for them.

It sounds complicated doesn't it...doing a survey...but thanks to free software programmes readily available it's fairly straight forward. You can even use Google Forms to do a survey, and then automatically add the link in every email you send out using Gmail.

Offer rewards

The simple fact is that everybody is busy these days, so getting clients to write you a testimonial is not always going to be easy. "I just don't have the time" is what most people say when they see a testimonial request, no doubt.

However, if you offer them some kind of reward for an honest review of your services, then at least it gives your clients an incentive to actually tell the world what a great person you really are.

Perhaps you could offer them 20% off their next order or a free holiday to Australia. Don't get too carried away here...but you get the general idea.

Try a Tweetermonial

Forget about testimonials...go for a Tweetermonial instead. As mentioned before, time is at a premium for just about everybody these days, which is why getting your freelance clients to Tweet about your services is a good idea.

We are talking about the popular social media site Twitter here of course, where, in 140 characters or less, a client can say what a great person you are, and how great your service is, and how you are not offering them a free trip to Australia for saying that.

Not only does a Tweetermonial give you a testimonial you can use, but if the person tweeting has a large following then you could get some instant business from it as well.

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