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Top 10 Freelance Cities According to Research

There has never been a better time to be a freelance professional, but have you ever wondered which cities are best to live in? Research gives us the answer.

A Dutch website conducted online research where they looked in depth at 90 countries and 117 cities. Factors such as cost of living, safety, fast internet, freedom of speech, nightlife, and travel where all considered, and the results they came up with surprised many.

So which city is the best for freelancers you might be wondering? Lisbon in Portugal was voted as number 1, mainly because of the cheap cost of living, fast internet, and being close to the beach.

Obviously, this site is for UK freelancers so what is the top UK city? I must admit that when I first heard about this research my immediate thought was London, but as it turns out our capital city is nowhere to be found. Probably because of the high cost of living, which is pretty expensive.

If you are looking for the best city in the UK then look no further than Bristol. That's right. It was voted number 6 according to the research, and it beat places such as Marseille, Bratislava, Vancouver, and Porto.

Why Bristol for freelance professionals? One of the main reasons given was safety, as compared to other UK cities it does have a pretty low crime rate. Also, expect to find many places around Bristol where you can work from, such as cafes and other public places that have very fast internet access.

The research also found that freelancers in Bristol enjoy a good quality of life, especially when compared to people living in London.

In my opinion, if you are a freelancer who wants to live in a great city that is safe, with fast internet and is relatively cheap, then Bristol is definitely worth looking into.

What about freelance professionals who want to move abroad? Well, number 2 on the list is Miami in America, with the main reasons being great weather all year round and fast internet throughout the city.

Number 3 on the list was Seville in Spain, because it is cheap, has good weather and again, the internet is really fast. While I would agree that Seville is a great city to both visit and live in, I would advise anyone to think twice about going during the Summer months because it does get very hot.

A good alternative is Barcelona if you ask me. Sure, it does get crowded and expensive around the main tourist areas, but if you get a bit away from the centre then accommodation can be really cheap, while still having access to all of the attractions the city has to offer, as well as the beach in the summer.

Other cities mentioned in the top 10 list were New Orleans in the USA and Las Palmas in Spain. Definitely two places worth considering.

The great thing about the freelance lifestyle for most people is the ability to be location independent, so hopefully this top 10 list will give you a better idea of where to go.

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