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Freelance is “Free” From Stress? Maybe...

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RSS 21 November 2017
The freelance lifestyle is often portrayed as idyllic Get up at noon, sit in your hammock and do a few hours of work, before going for a nap.

However, as many people find out, the reality can be quite different, especially when you consider factors such as infrequent work, odd hours and uncertainty about finances.

With that being said a recent survey shows us quite clearly that self employed freelancers are less stressed than their employed counterparts.

In the survey, 90% of the employed confirmed they were stressed, compared to 78% of the self employed. While not a huge difference, it does go to show that working for yourself is generally less stressful.

Why is this though, surely the security of a 9 to 5 should bring about feelings of relaxation and happiness? Not so...mainly due to the fact that most jobs in the modern world have a lot of insecurity associated with them.

One day you can be clocking in and clocking out. The next day you are emptying your desk and asking for directions to the local job centre.

Yes self employed freelancers do have the same insecurities, but this is balanced out with the fact they take on multiple clients and contracts, which means if one goes away there is usually another one just around the corner.

This gives many freelancers a feeling of abundance, rather than the scarcity that many employees experience on a day to day basis.

Add the fact that people who are self employed mainly enjoy a better work life balance, where they get to spend more time with family and friends, and it's easier to see why the freelance world is more relaxed than its employed counterpart.

The survey went on to show us that 11% of freelancers are concerned about their mental health, while only 4% would consider themselves as stressed most of the time. This is in contrast to 11% of employees who say they are stressed around the clock.

In my opinion this has a lot to do with control, as when you are self employed and calling the shots then you tend to feel less stressed of course.

Interestingly, a few years back they gave out questionnaires to many freelancers in the UK to find out the motivating factors behind the desire to become self employed.

The one word that came up again and again in 50% of questionnaires? Yes, you guessed it..."control."

If you are reading this and wondering how you can become even less stressed as a freelancer, my advice is to hire an accountant if you haven't already.

It's amazing how many freelance workers continue struggling with their accounts and even staying up well past midnight trying to make sense of incomings and outgoings. Instead get a professional accountant on your side and free up your time.

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