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Strikes, Strikes, and More Strikes...Work From Home Then!

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RSS 14 November 2017
There is chaos in many parts of the UK right now as major transport hubs have been affected by worker strikes. Experts say this is going to continue.

Take the recent staff walkouts in Liverpool for example, where bus drivers, train drivers and general workers decided it was time to down tools and protest.

The region came to a virtual standstill, and many people couldn't get to their place of work.

This has led some economy writers to suggest that working from home could be the best solution to make sure optimum productivity is maintained.

As the strikes become more common and employees are left on train platforms and bus stations around the country, it could be the laptop that saves the day.

"If you work, speak to your employer about whether there is any flexibility in working times, the possibility of working from home," advised one government official.

Wise words perhaps, but are employers actually going to listen, or will they continue to put their workers through this commuting chaos, week after week, month after month...and yes...year after year.

In my opinion many company directors would be smart to embrace the idea of having their workforce spending days at home and getting jobs done, but in reality I don't think it is going to happen.

It should though, because the technology is available right now that will allow workers around the country to gain the freedom many of them want.

As long as they get the job done then remote working should be given a green light if you ask me.

This is especially true for companies trading out of London, where many of their employees have to commute in and out of the city on a daily basis and are often faced with massive crowds, huge delays, and of course...strikes!

If experts are to be listened to then 2018 is going to be the year of massive strikes in and around the London area, causing billions of pounds worth of destruction and a productivity gap that could very well bring our nation to its knees. Add Brexit into the mix and you might just have an economic meltdown.

However, if employers were to give workers the keys to their own home so to speak, where the average commute was a quick walk to the sofa...then we can avoid all of this.

Another way is to become a self employed freelancer who works from home. Who needs a boss anyway, especially when there are more opportunities in the freelance world than ever before.

If you have the skills and the willingness to work, then there is no reason why you can't work from home and set your own hours. No commuting required at all.

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