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Home Workers Are More Productive Says Survey

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RSS 31 October 2017
If you thought that working in an office with your boss checking up on you every 5 minutes was the best way to get things done...then think again.

In fact, a new survey of the UK workforce shows us that people who work from home are actually more productive, to the point where they go "above and beyond" what is expected of them in the job description.

Compare this to your average office worker who puts in the "bare minimum" and it shows us that working from home is the place to be.

I could have told you this without the need for a survey. I've long been been writing about the benefits of working from home, especially when we are talking about freelancers.

It's actually when someone works from home for the first time that they get a glimpse into the freelance lifestyle so to speak, and before long they want to do it all the time, while working for themselves and calling the shots. Not to mention that self employed freelancers make, on average, more than their employed counterparts.

So why are many companies reluctant to let their employees work from home anyway? You would think in today's world with all the technology available that more than half of the workforce could classify themselves as a home worker.

In my opinion many bosses are reluctant because they have an image of their employees chilling out on the sofa while still wearing pyjamas and watching TV all morning.

Of course, the reality is much different, but in my opinion as long as you get the work done then why does it matter if you are relaxing on that comfy sofa and wearing your pyjamas? It doesn't.

I think companies are mostly reluctant to let their workers operate from home because they are scared of them getting a taste of being a freelancer. One minute they a faithful employee, and then, without so much as a thank you note, they are out on their own and looking for freelance jobs.

The survey shows us that only around 20% of workers in an office are prepared to put in extra hours compared to nearly 40% of those who work from home.

They asked almost 15,000 people over a 10 year time frame, and over the last few years working from home has become a popular choice.

A spokesperson for Cardiff University who were behind the research had this to say..."work is being detached from traditional places such as the office, factory, or shop."

You can expect to see more workers swap the office for the comfort of their house, with many of these people eventually choosing a freelance career.

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