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Tube Strike Gives Workers a Look into Freelance Lifestyle

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RSS 09 January 2017
Commuters who are stuck at home because of the London Underground strike have found out what it's like to be a freelance professional at home.

Not all freelancers work at home of course, but quite a lot do, especially now that technology has made it very easy to do business with clients from all around the world with nothing more than a laptop.

Well, a lot of workers from our nations capital who can't get into the office have been forced to work remotely from home until the strike is over, and for many it has given them a look into the "freelance lifestyle."

Many workers have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to say how great it is to not have to get up really early in the morning and battle through the crowds to get into the office.

Obviously these people are having fun not being at the office for the day, but for some it may give them an interest in becoming a freelance professional who works from home as they start to enjoy the experience.

Working from home is something that thousands of people in the UK now do, and if you have the skills and determination then there is no reason why you can't follow in their footsteps.

The problem is that many don't want to quit their job and take that chance, or they don't have time to work on a freelance business in the evenings and at weekends around their current job.

Unfortunately, there isn't any easy way around this, you just have to find a way to make it successful, even if that means finding a couple of extra hours a day.

What I can say is that if you take that chance then there is a good chance you will find it very rewarding. Many freelancers who work from home report how they work less hours and have more free time. Definitely something to consider.

So what about this London tube strike...how long is it going to last? It's scheduled to be a 24 hour strike, although some experts have said this may not be the last we see this type of thing.

Due to the strike, many of the the other transport options in London have become extremely crowded as you can imagine, with people being told to stay away from buses and trains unless you really need to get into the capital. In other words, it's probably better to stay at home.

As for the freelance professionals, I'm sure the London Tube Strike is not going to bother most of them, and for the commuters who have no choice but to stay at home, it might just make them want to find out a bit more about the freelance lifestyle and how they can achieve it for themselves.

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