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Skills shortage bolsters freelancing community

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RSS 05 April 2016
While the skills shortage has been a thorn in the side of many major markets in the UK, it's nothing but a boon for freelancers and contract workers with the expertise employers are so desperately looking for.

The newest report from the EEF, a document that delineates the types of obstacles firms now have to overcome in regards to sourcing sufficiently skilled candidates to fill vacancies, reveals just how difficult it has been for business owners to find traditional employees in enough numbers to satisfy demand for growth. Manufacturing companies are particularly in need right now according to the report, yet three out of every four such firms have serious concerns as to where these workers are going to come from.

The report alo revealed that two out of every three employers overall have faced difficulty in finding a new recruit with the requisite skills for the position. Meanwhile, a full 61 per cent of survey respondents say that it's been a struggle to find suitably experienced prospective workers.

This all spells good news for the freelancing community. Contractors and freelance workers that have had the experience of working on a wide range of projects have had the types of opportunities to develop and expand their skillset, making them prime candidates for these open positions that employers are so keen to fill. As a result, the next few years are likely to be excellent for contract workers as employers turn to temporary workers to bolster their employment figures.

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