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Freelance Professionals Contribute £109 Billion to Economy

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RSS 30 November 2016
Research by the IPSE shows that freelance professionals in the UK were worth £109 Billion pounds to the economy in 2015.

The research then went on to show that 1.91 million people are classified as freelance, which accounts for 6% of the workforce.

These statistics come at a time when more people than ever before are considering the freelance path as a viable career option. Why work for a boss when you can control your own destiny? I think this is something that many are starting to realise.

What is surprising to me and many others, is that despite contributing over £100 Billion pounds to the UK economy, freelance professionals are often forgotten about completely That's why publishing these kind of statistics is important, as it reminds people just how essential freelance work actually is.

Not only that, but most of the time freelancers will end up paying more tax than a traditional business, as ultimately they have less costs, especially when working from home.

For this reason, I think there needs to be initiatives from the government to encourage people to take up freelancing, even if only on a part time basis at first, because in the end it will mean more tax for them.

Many big companies are also starting to discover the benefits of hiring freelancers instead of traditional employees, as it gives them the flexibility of only having to pay people when work needs to be done, while at the same time freelancers have the flexibility choosing what jobs they want to do and then fitting them around other activities such as being with family or hobbies.

Forget about 12 hour days at the office, the freelance way of working is get the job done and then spend time doing what you really enjoy.

Some freelance professionals are even taking things a step further, by travelling the world and using the money they earn from the gig economy and different jobs to fund this kind of lifestyle. All they need is a laptop and internet connection.

Of course, not everybody is suited to becoming a freelancer, and that is why some people who give the lifestyle a try end up going back to a traditional based job. Many times they miss the interaction with co-workers, while at the same time enjoying the structure of being employed.

Freelancing is definitely not for everybody, but if you can handle working on your own the majority of the time, and making decisions for yourself, then it could be the right path for you.

We are expecting millions more people to become freelance professionals in the UK over the next 10 years, and I'm sure it won't be long until they all contribute £200 billion to the economy.

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