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Uber Drivers are Not Freelancers

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RSS 30 October 2016
In the UK there has been a long running dispute about Uber Drivers, but now judges have decided they should not be freelance.

That is what this debate has all been about...employment vs freelance and what Uber drivers should be classified as.

It now seems that employment has won the day, which means drivers will probably have to be employed by the company, get set hours, and enjoy all of the benefits that employees have.

This also means they will be entitled to earn the national minimum wage, although as a lot of freelance Uber drivers will tell you, they are making a lot more than minimum wage.

The way I see things, if you want to earn minimum wage then a driving job at Uber is not the kind of thing you should be doing anyway.

This specific ruling is actually about two Uber drivers who challenged their employment status, but now that a judge has ruled them as not freelancers you can expect more people to start going to court in a bid to become employees rather than self employed contractors.

My only question is...why? Like I just mentioned, the whole point of being a driver for Uber, much like being a taxi driver, is that you can go out there and make a lot more money per hour than minimum wage, especially in cities and during peak times.

You are basically self employed, and only using the Uber brand as a way to give customers confidence. Not only that, but millions of people now have the Uber app installed on their phones, which makes ordering a driver easy and quick.

As a freelancer you have the ability to get right in front of these people, so they can arrange for you to pick them up and take them to their destination. It's possible for drivers to earn hundreds of pounds on a good night, something that will be gone if Uber are forced to go down the employee route.

In fact, I would go as far to say that Uber will lose a lot of market share if they can't classify their drivers as freelancers, mainly because you will get other companies stepping in to offer drivers a self employed role and the ability to make more money.

At the end of the day, who is going to stick around at Uber for minimum wage when you could be making over £100 on a good night for a few hours work.

There is also the fact that being a freelancer offers more flexibility with hours, as drivers can typically choose when and where they want to work.

It seems that more drivers will now start to challenge their worker status and take Uber to court, which in turn will probably lead to most, if not all of the drivers becoming employees very soon.

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Image: Taxi by Antonio Campos Domínguez

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