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CBI counsels firms to avoid the skills shortage by any means necessary

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RSS 05 April 2015
The Confederation of British Industry has urged businesses to avoid the pitfalls of the skills shortage by any means necessary, whether that be through increasing a commitment to education and training or to make liberal use of freelancer and contractor staff.

Representatives from the CBI spoke at a the Employment and Skills Network event recently, exchorting businesses to face the skills shortage head-on in order to avoid being taken by surprise.

The Great Hall of King's College London was filled to the brim with industry experts, including the vice-principal for education from King's and several HR directors. A debate ensued over the best practices for attracting and developing more robust and effective staff, with the initial acknowledgement that workforce competitiveness has been nearly sidelined thanks to the skills shortage; to that end, nearly 50 per cent of all firms reported lacked confidence in being able to find sufficient workers to satisfy demand for highl-skilled roles of the current and the coming era.

Short term solutions such as making use of freelance or contractor personnel were acknowledged, but the panel also touched on possible longer term solutions as well. A consensus was reached regarding growing talent internally by engaging with universities and targeting schools and colleges to aid them in understanding the kinds of skills businesses are looking for in new staff members.

Panelists also acknowledged that firms have a need to foster offerings that are cognisant of how new workers want professional growth and progression in their roles. The new focus, experts say, is no longer simply on jobs but careers instead.

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