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UK freelancers paid more than permanent workers

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RSS 09 March 2015
A new research study has discovered that a substantial proportion of British freelancers and contract workers are paid better than their traditionally employed counterparts.

According to the Recruitmetn and Employment Confederation's latest JobsOutlook survey, a full 36 per cent of business owners routinely pay their contract workers and freelancers better than their traditionally-employed workers. No tonly that, an identical percentage of businesses admitted that they pay their temporary freelancers the same wages as they would be earning if they were permanently contracted with the company; additionally, 56 per cent of survey respondents said that temp workers were always paid identically to regular traditional employees.

What this means is that overall, 92 per cent of freelacners and contractors are earning at least the same as their permanent employee counterparts, though many of them earn more. On top of that, the REC found that only a paltry 2 per cent of employers admitted to paying contractors and freelancers less than what their permanent staff members earn.

When it comes to why companies hire on temporary workers, the REC found that 75 per cent of survey respondents said that they needed a highly specific set of skills for a temporary period of time.

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