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Going green proves to be good for business

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RSS 12 August 2012
It turns out that going green isn't just good for the environment but for the economy as well: freelancers working in the green sector are in for a major boost thanks to a new government initiative.

Environmental policies put in place to protect the planet from pollution and climate change have been reaping big rewards lately, as the government has seen fit to release £100 million in funds towards the development of sustainable technologies. Two fund managers, Sustainable Development Capital and Equitix, will be managing the capital, and are tasked with driving investment in projects designed to capitalise on new, energy-efficient technologies.

With the industry receiving such a significant government investment, freelancers and umbrella service contractors working within the alternative energy and envrionmental protection sectors are poised to see a massive increase in the number of projects soon. Demand is likely to rocket upwards once investment funds begin to be played out across the sector, and new construction projects involving energy-efficient materials and techniques will need skilled and capable workers to complete these contracts on time and under budget.

In fact, the trend has already begun: one Spain-based firm has announced its plans to expand the installation of ground and roof photovoltaic solar sells in the UK. The engineering firm, Grupotec, has already doubled the number of workers it employs in Richmond, Surrey in order to accomplish these expansion goals.

Dagenham is also set to benefit from the expansion of green technologies as well, thanks to the new plans to expand Closed Loop Recycling's bottle recycling plant. The £12 million expansion will increase its capacity by double, leading it to become the largest and most technologically advanced facility of its kind in the country, as it can recycle both HDPE and PET plastic bottles into new food-grade bottles.

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Image: Solar Mosaic by Clearly Ambiguous

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