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RSS 14 May 2009
Contractors and agencies looking for a payroll service provider need a company who are professional, compliant, have a choice of payroll services and offer good value for money.

As a contractor, you can generally gauge how professional a company is from your initial contact with them, and you can then decide whether they offer good value for money from comparing them and other providers on the internet.

But how would a contractor or agency be assured that a payroll service provider is compliant?

There are industry associations and memberships that can give piece of mind to the wary contractor who is nervous about receiving a financial headache if his or her provider turns out to be non-compliant. RACS Group, who offer both umbrella and accountancy services (PSCs), believe that they are the first company in the UK to have gained compliance 'across the board'.

To date, RACS Group have attained proof of compliance from the AEMC, Professional Passport, Lawspeed and is even an affiliate member of the PCG. In the absence of any HMRC blueprint of compliance, RACS Group believe they are now strongly positioned to offer a first class service to both contractors and agencies alike.

"All of the services offered by RACS have been tried and tested to the extreme under the scrutiny of industry professionals skilled in auditing providers like us. To date HMRC haven't agreed a UK wide audit standard but they are in constant talks with orgaisations like those below to agree 'the' way forward".

As legislation constantly changes, the criteria for being compliant does too. RACS Group say that they are "constantly looking at newly proposed legislation to stay ahead of the game in keeping your financial affairs and our products 'future-proofed'".

freelancesupermarket.com feels that the standards of compliance in the Umbrella / ASP marketplace are changing for the better. We hope to report on more success stories this year.

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