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Contractor Competencies

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Contractors are scored by the Clients and Agents they have worked for using the feedback questions below. Contractors are not scored by other Contractors, Umbrellas or ASPs.

Please note that client to contractor feedback counts as double when the end client clicks on our reminder email to provide feedback.  

Score by 'Completed Assignment'
Based on whether or not the Contractor stayed working at the end Client until the agreed contract end date.

Score by 'Delivery on Objectives'                                           
Based on whether or not the Contractor completed his / her objectives for the contract in accordance with the original services contract.

Score by 'Would recommend for future work'                
Based on whether or not the Client / Agent would work with the Contractor again or would provide a reference if required.

Score by 'Cost / Benefit'                                                      
Based on how much the Contractor charged the Client (or the agency if working indirect) compared to the benefit received from their services provided.

Score by 'Exceeded expectations'                                            
Based on whether or not the Contractor exceeded the expectations of the Client / Agent compared to the original objectives of the contract.

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