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Agency Competencies

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Agencies are scored by the Contractors and Clients they have provided recruitment services to using the feedback questions below. Agencies are not scored by other Agencies, Agents, Umbrellas or ASPs.
Score by 'Ability to find appropriate contracts '               
Based on how quickly the Agency was able to source suitable contract positions and arrange interviews for the Contractor.
Score by 'Relationship Management'                                 
Based on the contact between Agency and Contractor / Client once the contract had commenced.
Score by 'Would work with again'                                      
Based on the whether or not the Contractor / Client would work with the Agent again for future contracts.
Score by 'Proficiency of Payroll Team'                                 
Based on the timing and speed of agency payments as well as their ability to resolve problems. 
Score by ''Honesty and Integrity'                                                  
Based on whether the Agent acted in a honest and integral way in the eyes of the Contractor / Client.

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