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Welcome to freelancesupermarket.com, showcasing the best of freelance services in the UK. You've reached the web's single meeting place for Contractors, Agents, Agencies, Clients, Umbrellas and Accountancy Service Providers (ASPs). A price and service comparison website as well as a rich source of online information, facts, figures and freelance fantasies.

Sign Up free today and profile your services on our National League Tables or alternatively check out our frequently asked questions.

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The common flow of freelance services
in the UK is shown below *

flow of freelance services

  1. Recruitment Agent identifies contract opportunity with Client and places Contractor on a freelance assignment.
  2. Contractor wishes to operate on a 'Limited Company' basis and not PAYE at the agency. Umbrella or ASP provide accountancy and payroll services to Contractor.
  3. Contractor undertakes assignment for the Client in accordance with the services contract.

* This example represents the usual freelance working scenario where services are provided by all parties in the freelance chain - Contractors, Agents, Umbrellas & ASPs. There are several variations to the simple arrangement between Contractor and Client for the supply of services. Contractors generally work through agencies but also work direct, therefore removing Agents from the chain. Contractors manage their own Limited Company or work PAYE at the agency (both will remove Umbrellas and ASPs from the chain).

The common flow of freelance feedback
through freelancesupermarket.com

  1. Client scores the labour services   provided by Contractor and the recruitment services provided by the Agent.
  2. Contractor scores the payroll and accountancy services provided by Umbrella or ASP
  3. Contractor scores the recruitment services provided by the Agent
  4. Agent scores the labour services provided by Contractor


flow of freelance feedback

Feedback is provided using a Competency Scoring System unique to freelancesupermarket.com. Users are rated by 5 carefully selected competencies that we believe are relevant to the service being provided.

Once a user has registered and completed their online profile, the feedback process can begin. Contractors are asked to provide details of their contracting career to date (the Client(s) they have worked for, the Agent(s) that have placed them and the Umbrella(s) or ASP(s) that have managed their payroll). This information is required for their current assignment as well as previously completed assignments (up to a maximum of 50).

Unless already registered with our website, user profiles are created for the Agent, Agency, Umbrella and ASPs linked to each Contractor assignment. These profiles can then be updated once users access this site for the first time.

On the day that the current assignment is due to finish, an automated email is issued by freelancesupermarket.com to the Client, Contractor and Agent providing feedback for that particular assignment:

Client = feedback for Contractor and Agent
Contractor = feedback for Agent and Umbrella / ASP
Agent = feedback for Contractor

For previously completed assignments, the automated email is issued on the day that the Contractor updates their profile. Clients, Contractors and Agents are then able to provide instant feedback through our website.


A user's UK and Industry League Position is directly linked to their freelancesupermarket.com Competency Score. Agencies, Umbrellas and ASPs are also judged by the quality of their Contractor benefits package and standards of compliance.

Once Competency feedback has been submitted, the League Tables automatically update. This happens at certain designated of times in a day. League Tables are split by Total UK and Industry to provide an indication of how well a particular user has performed against their peers or competitors.

Users with the highest total score are 'showcased' on the freelancesupermarket.com Homepage. This one page alone records over 100,000 hits a day providing massive exposure to those users good enough to be in the UK Top 10.

your profile

To make the most of freelancesupermarket.com, it is essential that you maintain your freelance profile. We recommend that you update your profile at least once every calendar month, if not more frequently. This one page summary is your unique opportunity to sell yourself or your business to our freelance community and beyond (we have a high hit rate on most online search engines including Google and Yahoo).

Be sure to specify which users you would like to be contacted by. This will guarantee you only receive messages that you intend replying to. Some of the more sensitive information contained in your profile (such as client contact details and contract rate etc) will not be visible on freelancesupermarket.com but instead used as part of our on-going feedback program.

Our in-house Verification Team will check the integrity of all online profiles using a 3 tier validation process. It is therefore in your interests to ensure that the information contained in your profile is accurate. Fictitious users (created to artificially improve feedback scores) will be instantly removed and users blacklisted with any scoring generated by these accounts removed from our database.

The integrity of our performance data is our number one priority. We will not tolerate abuse on any level and would ask all users to read our Data Integrity Policy.

contact and be contacted

A key feature of freelancesupermarket.com is that Agents and Clients can perform an advanced search to locate the exact type of Contractor required for a particular assignment and filter only by those Contractors currently available for work. We also provide free contract job postings which are viewable in both an Agent's profile and also within the hot contract jobs section.

Our bespoke Internal Messaging System enables users to communicate with each other in a structured and controlled way without the need to disclose personal email addresses. You will receive an automated notification email each time someone sends you a message through our website. You can then read and reply as appropriate by logging into you're your freelancesupermarket.com account when convenient.

freelancesupermarket.com is here for you, a user and receiver of freelance services. Our goal is to create continual freelance service improvement in the UK. Now go forth and enjoy - profile yourself or your company, score services provided to you, network with other users, contact and be contacted.

The freelancesupermarket.com Team.

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