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London based Sales role

Direct Client: Spring Massage Ltd

Job Location: London

Specialist area: Sales

Rate: £250.00 - £2,800.00 per month

Duration: 1 - 3 months

Date Posted: 17 August 2011

Ref: SM/BDM170811

We are a recently established mobile massage therapist provider based in London (UK) who are looking to expand the number of businesses using our services.
We have a team of mobile massage therapists who provide fully clothed head, neck and shoulder massages at tradeshows, events and in company offices.
We are looking for specialist BDM’s that would enjoy the opportunity to help build our business client base in the London market.
The role would involve the intelligent identification and approaching of mid-senior management and/or business owners with responsibility for employee well being.
You would be responsible for representing our company, promoting the benefits of providing their employees with regular onsite massage, such as improved creativity, productivity, overall staff wellbeing and in turn reducing stress and absenteeism.
The objective being to take interested businesses through to signing 12 month contracts for one or more of our therapists to visit their premises on a regular basis.
We are particularly interested in people who have existing business contacts within the London market which may have an interest in our services.
We have worked with clients ranging in size from small start-up businesses to large multi-nationals across a range of industries so the potential client base for our services is unlimited. Added to this, the cost for our services are quite low, so is not regarded as a major purchase decision within most companies.
A base level target of 3 new contracted clients per month is very achievable without requiring a huge amount of time and effort – significantly more could be achieved by a hungry, focussed performer with existing contacts throughout London. Commission is based on 20% of Total Ticket Value.
Role does not require a fulltime commitment, however you could make it that if successful.
*Would also be open to bids from freelancers who wish to establish contracts with one or more of their existing clients, but not wishing to build the client base outside of that.



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