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ILS Manager / Senior Consultant

Agency: Gold Group

Job Location: South West

Specialist area: Strategy & Consultancy

Rate: £35.00 - £40.00 per hour

Duration: 3 - 6 months

Date Posted: 23 April 2010

Ref: 24391

Tilte :Integrated Logistics Support Management (ILSM)
Contract / Freelance - 9 Months
£30 - £40 per hour
Manage the development and implementation of logistic and technical support requirements,
Throughout the development of the MD equipment, influence the programs of design and development to produce a product optimised for operational use,
Prepare the in-service support of the equipment (technical, logistic and commercial).
To manage ILS activities during the development phase of a new program through a dedicated ILS/LSA plan,
To identify ILS needs, forecast resources needed to fulfil the contract objectives, negotiate the CS activities with Program Manager, define and allocate Work Packages within the organization (WP leaders),
To manage the delivery of support elements (Technical Publications e.g. AMM, AIPC, CMM, Initial spares Provisioning, CS price catalogues, GSE list, training material…),
To undertake and manage supportability activities and studies throughout the life cycle of the equipment (Logistic Support Analysis tasks, LORA, MSG3, GSE studies),
Analysis of life cycle costs (LCC) and the derivation and review of other maintenance cost parameters such as DMC’s,
A liaison between the Customer, Engineering, the Customer Support Teams and Program Management.
Basic knowledge in mechanical, hydraulic and aeronautical engineering,
Basic knowledge of contractual aspects,
Integrated Logistic Support (Supportability, maintainability, availability, reliability, testability, LCC and DMC analysis),
Project management (with respect to planning, budgets etc),
If you have a relevant CV please contact me to discuss this contract opportunity.



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