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RSS 14 April 2009
Sorry that the next part of my blog took a while : I did keep my gig by moving to a slightly different team. Believe it or not clientco would have several weeks of misery without me : shows the sort of idiots they employ these days when they rely on me. No doubt I will get the shove soon when I will be alot happier : but the longer I carry on the bigger the war chest. And the nearer the economic recovery.

I have been planning on toning things down a bit : but this weekend I joined the Catholic Church and feel it is my moral duty to talk about certain subjects. Say many things about Jesus but he was never bland. Did he not overturn the tables of the moneylenders in the temple?

Hence I want to talk about living in a police state. I work within a stone's throw of the Bank of England (anyone got a stone?). During the recent protests we were told to stay inside : but I love a good demo. I had a look round but it was boring. The most exciting thing was seeing a single person being mobbed by cameras : turned out to be Russell Brand (If the mob want a rich person to beat up why not him?). While going home I retraced my earlier steps to get to Cannon Street : but my way was blocked by police.

They were "kettling" the protestors. Don't kettles boil? What knob thought this is a good idea? Now I don't agree with the aims of the protestors (doh! I work in a bank!) but they have the right to protest. Why do the people of this country let the police get away with it? At this point I must say I have dealt with many police : those at officer/sargeant level are mostly great : those above are mostly twats. It was the actions of the irresponsible senior officers that caused the death of an innocent man. They bring the name of the police into disrepute.

We are losing our freedom : if we have any left to lose, All it requires for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

Anyway I have the solution! We must outsource our protests. May I suggest Thailand where they seem to know how to conduct a decent riot.

If we have to keep the protests in this country then at least go somewhere where the police want you out of. See this link http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/2987836.stm . That is me in the reservoir dogs outfit being "removed by police" which was a load of rubbish as we left on our own free will. The police could not get rid of us quick enough.

Here is my suggestion : Downing Streak! Get a few thousand naked running up Downing Street. There will be no kettling. And loads of publicity.

Talking of protests I am currently objecting to retrospective legislation. Please sign the petition http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/RepealSection58/ . Vince Cable has signed! But next month I am going to the wedding of the fathers 4 justice head honcho. I am sworn to secrecy as the date and location (and even the guest list!) are top secret. But you can bet the subject of protests in the context of retrospective will come up. Tardis? De Lorean?

Apologies for this moral interlude. Actually I withdraw that apology. Next week I shall try to return to something closer to the hearts of freelancers. Probably......

BrilloPad (Legend)
freelancesupermarket.com Blogger
14th April 2009

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