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David Partridge

Job Title:Head of executive…Industry:All Industries
Areas:Greater LondonTotal score:101,343
Agency:Energy Commodity …No. of views:1815
Experience:More than 10 YearsMember since:April 2009
Location:Greater LondonNo. of reviews:7

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  • Q:
    Some might think the name 'Pimp Limited' is a brave choice. What's behind the name?
  • A:
    When I initially left my role as: MD of one of the BatesUK advertising companies and Creative Services Director of 141 Worldwide - I chose PIMP because it is bold, brave and reflects my offering. I'm passionate about branding and obviously, so are all my clients. I work on recommendation and reputation only, Pimp is strong, memorable and clearly branded - in other words -"we do exactly what we say on the tin". Clients and candidates, appreciate our honesty and we pride ourselves with that.
  • Q:
    How did you make the move into recruitment?
  • A:
    hroughout my career, I've always helped people find the right roles and agencies find the right people. When I left BatesUK Group and became a consultant, much of my work was auditing and assessing, existing creative/production teams and employing new staff - throughout the world.
  • Q:
    What do you think makes a good freelance agent?
  • A:
    Someone who has first-hand working experience of the industry that they're placing people into. It ensures that agents present the right candidates whilst being able to encourage, develop and advise them, throughout their career.
  • Q:
    How has the economic downturn affected the marketing and creative industry?
  • A:
    There are very few creative agencies employing new staff on a full time basis. Our clients who are expanding - are the ones who are diversifying or delivering innovation to client.
  • Q:
    How can the government provide more assistance to UK recruiters?
  • A:
    The government could help by reducing/removing corporation tax for a period of time, during this economic downturn. And also by reviewing the IR35 document, this would help many freelancers.
  • Q:
    What would you change about the UK freelance recruitment market?
  • A:
    I would make it illegal for companies to pay their recruitment team on a 'commission only' based salary. I hear daily horror stories, from clients and candidates, about the appalling way they are treated / miss-represented, by desperate agents trying to ensure that they are awarded the placement fee.
  • Q:
    What are your plans for the rest of 2009?
  • A:
    Continue to deliver an unbeatable service, even though it takes much longer to select and present our Pimp candidates, to our clients. And to diversify: the launch of pimpmyportfolioltd.com (10/08/09) helps creative graduates link to industry. Which is essential, especially in this economy.

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On the 10th August 2009 we launchedpimpmyportfolioltd.com, which helps creative graduates link to industry

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